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International applicants to American colleges and universities may be students from other countries or American high schoolers living outside the United States. Guidance for these students will often benefit from a deeper introduction and guidance to the American college experience including the application process, academic expectations, testing, college options and the student life experience. These students may also need to navigate family and cultural expectations unique to their background.

Diana has lived for almost thirty years overseas (Chile, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia). During these years Diana advised dozens of high schoolers from a range of nationalities to find their ideal American college or university. This experience has resulted in the ability to provide a unique skill set and empathy to students based overseas who are applying for college in the USA.

When working with International students, Diana expands her Comprehensive Program to include sharing knowledge, processes and guidance in order that students and families based overseas will fully understand the challenging American admission environment with the goal of realizing a student’s greatest potential.  The exact scope of each international students guidance is usually quite unique. Please e mail Diana for a complementary 30 minute consultation and discussion on possible  admission paths for your student. 

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