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Coaching teenagers since I was an elite swimmer and an 18-year-old head swim coach studying psychology at  UC Berkeley was the beginning of a lifetime passion devoted to inspiring teens. My next stop was MIT for a Master's Degree in Architecture and marriage to my husband Don Hanna who has a Ph.D. from Harvard. I guided my own children in the college admission process which found them matriculating and swimming at Wellesley, Princeton, and Columbia.

While practicing as an architect, designer, and printmaker I continued to work with youth of all ages in museum education and on swim teams all over Asia.  I was particularly dedicated to my high school swimmers.  Dangling the goal of a college swimming career proved to be a dynamic motivator. Using knowledge gained as an MIT interviewer and as a student of admission practices, I coached my swimmers in the complete application process to acceptances at top Ivy League schools and other highly selective colleges. With a growing reputation, my college admission advising business was born. 

I  advise a complete range of students with a wide range of interests, academic levels and backgrounds . This variety makes a stimulating practice where students inspire me to grow and gain new expertise.  I have a unique knowledge of the admission process for artists, engineers, swimmers, and other athletes. Successful applicants often showcase a special talent or passion. Guiding students to discover and demonstrate their passions is my super strength. Artists must compile an impressive portfolio and recruited athletes need to perform at a very high level and then campaign to capture the attention of coaches. All applicants need to meet a college's academic expectations and put together an impressive application.

For recruits,  expertise came through working closely with elite coaches in California. I have integrated this range of experience to develop my signature program which combines the process of college athletic recruiting with the demanding requirements of selective schools. Success continues with the admission of dozens of students in some of the very best academic and swimming schools.

Many of my students have been based overseas learning of my placement success and expertise during almost thirty years living abroad in Chile, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. My expatriate experience allows me to offer deep knowledge when guiding international students or American high schoolers based overseas. In 2020 I finally relocated back home to Northern California continuing to counsel students by internet or in person. For all my students I  bring a passion to advising where the quality of the process and personal growth is as important as the outcome.

Today's topsy-turfy world requires dedication to lifelong learning of admission trends. I am constantly updating my knowledge of new and changing admission practices such as course and testing requirements, campus and athletic updates, financial aid, and work experience opportunities. Weekly seminars, workshops, consultations  and conferences inform my work through memberships with professional organizations IECA and WACAC. My degree in psychology is always evident in prioritizing a student's mental health, happiness, and personal growth. Recently I upgraded my guidance skills and college admissions knowledge and guidance skills by earning a UC Berkeley Extension Certificate in College Admission and Career Guidance and through over 170 hours of volunteer work with the Northgate High School College and Career Center. 

When not advising high schoolers you will find me still racing in the pool or prowling museums, leading book groups, and creating my art at: 

For the full breadth of my experience please check out my linked in profile. 

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