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Imagine that the search for that great fit college is a holistic process of growth and discovery down a winding but proven path. Realistic expectations are defined where a student will thrive and realize their potential. A roadmap of manageable steps is followed over time to manage stress while developing life skills and talents. Structure, knowledge, and support build confidence and empowers students to take ownership of the college search and admission process.


Parents are my valued partners. Together, we encourage their students towards self-determination in making decisions and defining their futures. My greatest satisfaction comes from knowing a student has been inspired and guided to realize their potential and is prepared to begin their college years. 

For over 15 years I  have been advising high schoolers in their college search with a vision born from a wide range of experiences. Expertise has been gained as a graduate of top universities with degrees in psychology and architecture. Further experience as an MIT college admissions interviewer, college swimmer, artist, museum docent, swim coach, parent, and ongoing student of college admissions at UC Berkeley brings a wide range of knowledge when working with students. 


With my wisdom, support, and hard work, we will inspire and guide your student together. We will ideally start working together in 10th or early 11th grade in order to allow the greatest impact. Please explore this website to discover a proven process.  


EMail:  DIANADAYMONDCAA@GMAIL.COM with details about your student to arrange a complimentary 30-minute conversation.