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 Diana's Comprehensive College Counseling Practice

Imagine that the search for that great fit college is a holistic process of growth and discovery down a winding but proven path. Realistic expectations are defined where a student will thrive and realize their potential. A roadmap of manageable steps is followed over time to manage stress while developing life skills and talents. Structure, knowledge, and support build confidence and empowers students to take ownership of the college search and admission process.


Parents are my valued partners. Together, we encourage their students towards self-determination in making decisions and defining their futures. My greatest satisfaction comes from knowing a student has been inspired and guided to realize their potential and is prepared to begin their college years. 

For over 15 years I  have been advising high schoolers in their college search with a vision born from a wide range of experiences. Expertise has been gained as a graduate of top universities with degrees in psychology and architecture. Further experience as an MIT college admissions interviewer, college swimmer, artist, museum docent, swim coach, parent, and ongoing student of college admissions at UC Berkeley brings a wide range of knowledge when working with students. 


With my wisdom, support, and hard work, we will inspire and guide your student together. We will ideally start working together in 10th or early 11th grade in order to allow the greatest impact. Please explore this website to discover a proven process.  


Email:  DIANADAYMONDCAA@GMAIL.COM with details about your student to arrange a complimentary 30-minute conversation.


A well-crafted college essay can be an admission game changer.

Get organized and take the mystery and stress out of writing college essays.


For the class of 2025:

Email if you would like Diana to send registration information in March 2024. 


Saturdays in June 2024

9:45am - 4pm

 Ygnacio Valley Public Library in Walnut Creek

This workshop will guide, inspire and organize your student to:

  • Understand the expectations and get underway with the UC Questions & Common Application Essay.

  • Brainstorm individual and effective essay topics with personal on-the-spot feedback as your student develop their ideas. 

  • Write effective and concise UC and Common Application Activity Lists. 

  • Create a plan for the completion of essays and college applications before Thanksgiving.

  • Guaranteed space on Diana's individualized essay coaching roster.

  • Limited to 12 students for each workshop. Sign up early to ensure your place.

  • Before the workshop, students should be prepared with a well-researched college list. Consider Diana's comprehensive counseling if a student needs a lot of help generating their college list. 

  • Registration:

Student's Comments from Essay Workshops Earlier Last Year

Mrs. Daymond has helped me immensely during my college applications. She especially helped me with my UC and common application essays and activities list. I would not have written my essays as amazing as they are without her help. She guided me so much during this process and I don’t know what I would have done without her. Her hands-on experience is what I valued the most and she taught me so many things about the application process that I would have never known.  I owe everything to her and would 100% recommend her to students navigating this stressful process!”

M.O.  Class of 2022

Diana’s essay workshop gave me confidence in starting my applications. The most useful aspect was breaking down each question and having time to brainstorm with feedback. With the handouts and explanations from Diana I have a better understanding of the expectations and I am ready to write!

R.C. Class of 2023


With the advice you gave me on essays and such, I was really happy with the final results. I ended up getting into great options on the East Coast, as well as all of the UC'S and some small privates in CA as well! I ended up choosing UC Berkeley. I felt a due diligence to let you know, as your advice helped me so much through the very stressful times of admissions.

S.F. Class of 2022


I found Diana’s essay workshop extremely helpful when starting my application process. It really helped jumpstart everything to get ahead of the game. I would highly recommend signing up!  

Andrew Hallett

A.H. Class of 2023

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